About Quakers

Simple, Radical, Contemporary

Quakers (or The Religious Society of Friends to give their correct title) try to live up to all three of these words. Quakerism is a living and breathing faith for a modern age, striving to respond practically to the needs of the world around it. Faith in action is our practical response. Quaker are more interested in this life, than in the next, and believe that all people can find their connection with God here and now. 

A Faith for everyone

This statement is truly at the heart of Quaker Faith; the belief that every single human being has the Divine spark or seed within them.

Quakers believe everyone can directly access this universal creation if they so choose, regardless of race, colour, age, gender, sexuality or faith. (Indeed whether or not they profess to believe in a Divine force at all!)

All are truly equal in God. There are no “chosen or saved ones” and no inherent evil that cannot be transformed. This belief inspires our practical response to the problems of society.